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Kestrel's Fundraising Soars To £1,000!

Louisa and Michael Oliver are delighted to have won the support of their school, in memory of Michael's cousin Daniel. They are hopeful that other children will follow their example and ask for support for the Myotubular Trust from their own schools.

Louisa said "Within our school, we each belong to one of four houses: Kestrel, Hawk, Falcon and Condor. Every year we have the opportunity to raise money for a chosen charity over the school year. This year it was transformed into a house competition: where each tutor group had to create a powerpoint on the charity they wished to represent; which was to be judged by the Kestrel house prefects and the head of house.

In my tutor, of K9, the idea of supporting Myotubular Trust was first voiced by my cousin Michael Oliver, as his cousin - Daniel - had passed away due to Myotubular Myopathy when he was just 18 months old.

I created the powerpoint with the focus of Daniel and his condition but also embedding the lifestyle of Zak, as he is around our age, 14 years old, and is living with a milder case of this inherited disease. The presentation was very emotional for the prefects, and myself and the other prefects were teary eyed before the end, as I had created it from my family's personal perspective. The powerpoint was a huge success and there was a unanimous vote to make it our house charity.

The charity was promoted amongst the rest of the house, so as to encourage the maximum support for fundraising."

In just six months members of Kestrel House have managed to raise an amazing £1000, which was much more than expected - in fact, their target for the entire school year!

Louisa told us, "to achieve such an amazing amount we have:
• sold the charity wristbands
• held cake sales
• had sponsored walks
• put spare change collection pots in our tutor classrooms
• held a raffle – (we are very grateful to all the companies who were able to provide such lovely gifts as a signed Middlesborough football shirt, family bowling passes, overnight stay at a hotel and afternoon tea for four.)

Our school's charity work was even mentioned on our local radio station, which helped to attract some of the prizes! We are even planning on holding a silent auction, with some fantastic prizes which include an overnight stay with breakfast at Bowburn Hall hotel. We hope that this will also be a success."

She said "Kestrel is very proud of how much we have raised to support Myotubular Trust and in memory of my cousin Daniel.

We would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to each and every member of Kestrel House, and to Kestrel’s Head of House, Miss Hender and the team of prefects for their overwhelming commitment and support. We really hope other children of our age will be encouraged to help too, by nominating this charity at their own schools. "

Myotubular Trust also like to extend our thanks to Louisa and Michael and their fellow pupils for all their help and support and innovation in raising funding and awareness of myotubular and centronuclear myopathy.

If you are keen to nominate us for your school, please visit our new Schools Campaign page, or contact for more information.