Fundraising - Design Your Own


"It takes enthusiastic people to bring things ahead of schedule" Professor F Muntoni

It is only with your help that we have been able to fund many scientific research projects to find a treatment or cure for myotubular myopathy.

Here you will find all the information you need to design your own fundraising event for the Myotubular Trust.

Now, has never been a more important time to keep donating and fundraising. Thank you.

Sponsorship Fundraising

Devise your own challenge, join an organized sporting event, perhaps do something daring and out of the ordinary, in return for individual or company sponsorship.

Make it easy for people to sponsor you

  • Download and print off a sponsorship form or set yourself up an online sponsorship page
  • Please ask individuals who are UK taxpayers to tick the gift aid box and provide us with their full name, home address and postcode so that we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated at no extra cost to them (fuller details can be found on the sponsorship form).

Event Fundraising

These types of events give people something for their money. For people who have already supported a sponsored event, it gives them a chance to contribute in a different manner. For examples of other successful Myotubular Trust events, see fundraising guidelines or Past Events on our website, but our top tips are:

  • Allow plenty of time to organize an event
  • We strongly advise you to create a clear budget; as your event needs to make a profit to save you outlaying lots of time, money and effort for a small return. Please note: the Charity is unable to finance events.
  • Be innovative and make it fun – this may help attract local media interest too.
  • Perhaps combine more than 2 ideas where possible, eg you could offer a Wine and Chilli night, combined with a Paperback Exchange.
  • Where possible, try to delegate to make it easier on yourself. Never underestimate the value of friends and volunteers who will have another set of contacts, different skills and enthusiasm to help your event be a success.
  • The Myotubular Trust does have Public Liability Insurance however this only covers Myotubular Trust organised events. If you are organising your own event you will need to provide your own Public Liability Insurance.
  • Please bear in mind you may also be required to fulfil other obligations, such as seeking permission if your event is being held in a public place, and doing a risk assessment. You can see some Fundraising FAQ's here on the Charity Commission website.

Acknowledging and thanking your supporters

You can never underestimate how much it means to be thanked, and especially thanked individually. Any sponsors will be automatically thanked if they sponsor you online through bmycharity. But we also have free e-cards (specially designed for us courtesy of for you to email to thank individual sponsors. If you would like us to acknowledge particular sponsors, your colleagues or employers, for example, please do ask and we will be pleased to write to them or acknowledge their help on our website.

We can support you

Ask us for a Myotubular Trust t-shirt*.
Ask us for Myotubular Trust posters and stickers.
Ask us to advertise the event on our website, sending a photo if possible. We always flag up new events as ‘news’ on the front page of our website and link into the fuller story on our website fundraising page.

* T-Shirt stock is limited because they are provided by generous sponsorship



Fundraising Guidelines

How to Set Up An Online Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Form

Thank You Leaflet

NB: Please ask if you'd like your leaflet or form to feature a particular child.

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