Fundraising - Legacies and Wills


We Need You!

We know that family is a priority; however, after making provisions for family and friends, there are many ways that you can support the Myotubular Trust in your Will.


A residuary legacy

A residuary legacy is a gift of the residue of your estate, or a percentage of the residue (the amount left after your debts have been settled and any legacies you leave to other people have been paid). If you leave your whole estate as a gift, this is also known as a residuary legacy. The value of such a gift is least likely to be cut by inflation.


A pecuniary legacy

A gift of a specified sum of money, decided when the will or codicil is written, is called a pecuniary legacy.

A specific legacy

If you make a gift of a particular item this is called a specific legacy. This includes stocks and shares, the proceeds of a life assurance policy, property, furniture and jewellery. If you already have a will you can amend it by completing a codicil - please remember to include the charity's registered number (1137177) when you include your gift. Alternatively, you can add specific wording directly to your will, detailing your donation. We would recommend that you use a solicitor to ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you intended.

How your company pension can benefit the Myotubular Trust

If you belong to a company pension scheme, you can complete an "expression of wish" form to benefit the Myotubular Trust or any other chosen charity. In the event of your death, part or all of the life insurance benefit will be paid to your chosen charities. The "expression of wish" form notifies the trustees of your wishes and it is simple to do with no legal complications. However, not all company pension schemes are set up to do this so you will need to check with your employer.