The Myotubular Trust is delighted to be receiving sponsorship in 2016/17 from Christie & Co, the UK’s largest business sales specialist. Since the charity was set up in 2006, Christie & Co has supported our work with donations, t-shirt sponsorship, attending flagship fundraising events and sending out our charity cards, to name a few. 

January 2017

Christie Finance kindly organised a Charity Raffle in support of the Trust, with a superb prize - a box of 15 international beers & ales, produced by Independent Breweries.
Many thanks to the organisers and to all who brought raffle tickets, and many congratulations to the lucky winner, Fiona. We hope you enjoyed your prize!

December 2016

Feeling Festive in the North ….The Leeds, Newcastle & Manchester offices of Christie & Co got into the Christmas spirit by celebrating Christmas Jumper Day.

The staff who were in the office on the day wore their wonderful (and sometimes wacky!) Christmas jumpers and others who couldn't attend also donated too.

December 2016

We are so grateful to our friends Christie & Co London for donning a fantastic array of Christmas jumpers as part of their fundraising for the Trust.

Maria Isabel Diez, who is the senior receptionist and the organiser of this very successful event, told us, “ I am so happy today - it's been a successful Christmas Jumper Day at the office :) Seeing everyone wearing their Christmas jumper for such a loving cause is an amazing feeling. I feel very grateful to be able to help and today was a clear example that together we can do so much!"

In keeping with the Christmas theme, the team in London have also been selling the Christmas cards designed by those affected by myotubular and centronuclear myopathy, and making donations in return for some tasty home baked goodies.

Our thanks go to Maria and her colleagues for their wonderful support – we hope you all enjoyed the day.

November 2016.

We are delighted that in our tenth year that the Company has formally adopted us to help us continue our aim of finding a cure or treatment for all forms of myotubular myopathy. Christie + Co has already made a flying start since announcing the sponsorship in July, with t-shirt sponsorship once again and encouraging everyone at Christie & Co to organise their own individual fundraising activities which will be promoted and featured in their staff newsletters. 

David Rugg, Chairman of Christie & Co said "Other than Christie & Co's obvious connection with Zak who has x-linked myotubular myopathy and who is the son of one of our colleagues, the one other point was that the Trust was an opportunity we felt to make a real difference to a group that nothing else was being done for in the UK.
It wasn't a case of being one of thousands supporting an established good cause. Without the Trust's and your friends' herculean efforts, nothing would have been achieved. We do feel a fantastic amount has been learned in the past 10 years, and through recent and future studies we are on the cusp of an implementable cure. Our team feel good to have played a very small supporting role so far, and are keen to help further with the valuable work of the Myotubular Trust."

Zak, the Founders and Trustees are so very grateful to everyone at Christie & Co for their generosity and support to make a real difference for our group of conditions known as Myotubular Myopathy.  Their corporate friendship and recognition is really heart-warming and gives so much hope for our global community who are affected by this rare and devastating condition.

To find out more about the work of the Trust and how your help makes a difference, please watch our film -

Two of our families’ boys, William and Zak, wearing Christie & Co sponsored t-shirts